Aylin Michel

As a student of Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies in addition to Cultural Policy in an International Context at the University of Hildesheim, I am highly interested in the connection of theory and practice in international, interdisciplinary art and culture projects. I want to take this great opportunity to get in touch with innovative creatives and figure out how we as a collective can create a new perception of a place like Djerba, which is by its history transitional, and to sound out the definition of a public space from different perspectives.
I am very curious to learn more about the role of art in Tunisia and how art matters in various ways.

[1] Workshop: Djerba online seen from Germany

In this project, I want to focus on the role of social media, the pictures and resultantly the image it creates of Djerba. To see the possibilities and the shifting perspectives it can evoke, highlighting the inter- and transcultural practices. Much like my work at MAVIBLAU, a Turkish-German Magazine for Culture, Arts and Society.

Since 2015| Studies of Cultural Policy in an international Context at Bilgi University Istanbul
Since 2013| Studies of Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies at University Hildesheim