Julien Rathje

To grasp “interculturality” as the inbetween of geographies as well as artistic mediated practices is a main focus of studying at the Philosophy Department at the University of Hildesheim.
SEE DJERBA gives me a different field to apply and attach these discourses to a concrete context, also under a critical self-reflecting perspective.  To get in touch with people from different backgrounds in Djerba can only be enriching.

SEE DJERBA Contribution
I am interested in the role of the project itself, the function and effects it wants to provide – how is it connected with the local scene/community? What does/can/will SEE DJERBA and its spin-offs represent?

The focus of Julien Rathjes research is on the productive dimensions of art and aesthetic practices and its critical relation to capitalist mechanisms.

2017: Studies of Philosophy and Art Management (Istanbul)
Since 2016: Kunstraum 53 (Gallery, Hildesheim)
Since 2015: Studies of Intercultural Philosophy and Arts (Hildesheim)
Until 2015: Studies of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Leipzig)