Leila Ben Gacem

Bettina and Aymen are united again and with a team of passionate young people. They will to show the world magical Djerba by night how could I miss this! I still can’t get over the success of INTERFERENCE in the Medina of Tunis, which made the sad historical urban quarters full of life, art and shadows over 3 unforgettable nights. Today I am more than exited for Djerba, which is always ready to enchant the world with its beauty. I am an expert in nothing I do, but passionately supporting youth positive urban initiatives!

[1] Sustaining traditions and making a living: Arts and Crafts in Tunisia // ART AND HERITAGE Workshop

Leila is creating and supporting soiocultural activities to restore the vibrancy of the medinas’ throughout Tunisia. She is dedicated to an innovative mix of celebrating heritage, socio-entrepreneurial engagement and fostering cultural developments. She is an anchor point for many initiatives and projects that care for sustainable change in contemporary Tunisia.

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Since 2015 | Journal de la Medina
Since 2013 | Dar Ben Gacem
Since 2006 | Bluefish

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