Amin Gharbi


Working on SEE DJERBA wasn’t a choice, and that’s for 3 simple reasons:
The first one is that when you get used to work as a volunteer for different projects you realize that by doing a small task in these things you contribute building something big.
The second one is that the INTERFERENCE experience helped me open up on something new that is in the same time so interesting: that is Light-Art.
And the last and most important thing is that after 7 years of not being active in my home-town, SEE DJERBA represents a good opportunity to pay back some of what the island deserves and contribute valorizing it.


[1] SEE DJERBA Campain

Amin’s main focus has always been around volunteer and NGOs’ work. A passion of which he’s trying to make his profession either through doing assessment for the NGOs, doing some volunteer work in several actions, or studying volunteers’ motivations through his research.

Since 2017 | SEE DJERBA coordination team.
Since January 2017 | working as a NGOs’ consultant.
Since 2016 | INTERFERENCE coordination team.