Annika Hippler


Paper, fluorescent colors, laser


In her light installations, Annika Hippler displays light as an ephemeral material as well as a tool for drawing, painting, sculpturing, and creating site-specific artworks. Meticulously combining lasers with water and other mediums, subtle coupling and resonances are developed through reverberations, unveiling matter in its purest form, giving shapes and colors natural poetry. In her luminograms, Annika Hippler records the impact of light on canvas.


2016 | Tunis (de) | INTERFERENCE
2016 | Ludwigshafen (de) | Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, Wilhelm-Hack Museum
2014 | Vilnius (lt) |  Insanitus Festival
2013 | Moscow (ru) | Zverev Center of Contemporary Art
2011 | Karlsruhe (de) | Center for Arts and Media Technologies (ZKM)
2010 | Hannover (de) | Hannover Art Association
2006 | Shanghai (cn) | Himalaya Arts Museum
2004 | Geneva (ch) | Musée d’art contemporain


Since 2003 | Regular exhibition activities, mainly in Europe
2000–2007 | Braunschweig (de) | University of Fine Arts | Studies in Fine Arts
1998–2000 | Berlin (de) | University of Fine Arts | Studies in Fine Arts

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