Bettina Pelz

Djerba is home to Aymen, my partner in this initiative. He convinced me to spent time, energy and thought on Djerba – its landscapes and its architecture, its people and its culture. Together we created SEE DJERBA as an open framework to reflect on Djerba as a living enviroment and its future. Located at the intersections of art and its contexts – whether they are social and political, cultural and historical, environmental and economical – we want to pave the way for a new environment for artists, architects, designers, cultural producers, and friends. We want to foster an open space where traditional creative roles are dissolved, where the creative disciplines are challenged, and where new concepts of art-making are shared.

[1] SEE DJERBA _ Concept and Development with Aymen Gharbi
[2] SEE DJERBA _ Website with Salma Kossemtini and Syrine Siala
[3] Workshop: Art Matters with Aymen Gharbi
[4] Workshop: Visual Poetry
Understanding artistic approaches on signs, letters, and texts and experimenting with sign-based artistic articulations
[5] Workshop: Green Light with Aymen Gharbi
[6] Workshop: Sharing Heritage with Aymen Gharbi

The curatorial work of Bettina Pelz is dedicated to interdisciplinary projects in urban space, postindustrial environments and cultural heritage sites.

2017 | RESPONSIVE | Halifax (ca)
2016 | INTERFERENCE | Tunis (tn) with Aymen Gharbi
2016 | SWITCH c/o Center for International Light Art | Unna (de)
2015 | LICHTUNGEN | Hildesheim (de)

Since 2004 | Academic Teacher
Since 1996 | Freelance Curator
Until 1988 | Studies of Philosophy and Social Pedagogics