Hartung | Trenz


DECODING (Djerba 2017)
1-channel architecture projection

The work is based on the text of the new constitution of Tunisia from 2014, which is considered one of the most progressive in the world. The French version of the text is transferred into the computer code “base64” and the visual output was used as a base of the main animation. Occasionally, selected Arabic phrases are included. The color concept responds to the colors red and white as the main colors of the Tunisian flag. The animation treats the text as a living organism.


For more than twenty years Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz have been working with architectural interventions with typography. In their spatial projections, they explore the relationship among text, image, public space, light and sensory perception. With their textual projections they have animated buildings such as churches, theaters and galleries. Their facades or interiors appear to be set in constant transformation due to the interaction of the projected content, the architectural structures and the viewers’ position.


Although I can’t be physically in Djerba this year due to a health problem I want to be part of this wonderful project which is in my eyes a great opportunity to continue the efforts which started two years ago in Tunis at the Goethe-Institute and were followed by INTERFERENCE in the Medina of Tunis in 2016. I was really deeply touched by the hospitality and openness of the new colleagues and friends. For us as artists, projected text is a possibility to discover and react to an unknown place. Let’s continue this dialogue by the means of light!


2016 | Frankfurt (de) | LUMINALE
2015 | Adelaide (au) | BLINC
2014 | Manchester (uk) | Public Space
2013 | Jerusalem (is) | JERUSALEM LIGHT FESTIVAL

Detlef Hartung | DEVELOPMENT

1985-1991 | Munich (de) | Academy of Fine Arts | Studies in Fine Arts
1979-1984 | Munich (de) | Technical University | Studies in Mechanic Engineering


1988-1994 | Munich (de) | Academy of Fine Arts | Studies in Fine Arts
1982-1986 | Munich (de) | Academy of Applied Arts | Studies in Graphic Design




Brahim Gueddich, Sam Saidiani