The ASSIDJE was made up 25 January 1976 and gathers 250 members today.  A Significant number, command of the third, however makes up of not Djerbiens.  Those adhered to it for two essential reasons: a keen Interest expressed towards the continued ideals, and an inward conviction that the tried experiment could be used as example for other areas in Tunisia. it’s aim, is to work in all the fields and by all the Means with the harmonious development of the Island of Djerba. In order to ensure the backup of its original nature and authenticates exposed with various aggressions of modern times.

This being able to be reached by
the cultural, social and economic promotion of the island,
the protection of its ecology, its urbanistic and architectural specificity traditional.

It proposes:
To promote and encourage all Studies and investigations.
To use all the means of information and diffusion.
To organizes periodic or occasional meetings.
In general to cause and undertake all actions being able to contribute directly or indirectly to the concretization of the objectives of Association

Why ?
Taken action, by Association for the Backup of the island of Djerba incur within the broader framework of the efforts, which tend to promote the island.  Article II of its statutes stipulates that it has the aim of working for the integrated development of the island and this by the backup of its characteristics (represented by Its inheritance) of its socio-economic organization, its landscape and generally of the multiple assets of its past.  Perhaps it would be convenient to recall, in order to raise any ambiguity, which it claims to replace no organization, which it is official or voluntary, having for mission of promoting Djerba.  It hears according to case’s, to take part in the actions under consideration by these organizations, to sensitize them with the noticed insufficiencies, to propose actions to them or to simply to present them suggestions and opinions circonstenciés on specific subjects.  We thus locate our intervention as promotion of the island of Djerba at the same time at the level of the individual or common action, of the sensitizing of the proper authorities and the consulting.