Asma Hassouna

STATEMENT In the newly-born Tunisian cultural scene, SEE DJERBA is considered as one of the most important artistic initiatives undertaken by Tunisian civil society actors (COLLECTIF-CREATIF; Ijou Gdena: a local collective; and […]

Judith Greitemann

STATEMENT I am glad to have the opportunity to get different views on the importance of art in social context and to discuss the role of art in societal transformation processes. In […]

Julien Rathje

Statement To grasp “interculturality” as the inbetween of geographies as well as artistic mediated practices is a main focus of studying at the Philosophy Department at the University of Hildesheim. SEE DJERBA […]

Sonja Karolin Tautz

STATEMENT As a student of international cultural policy I am very interested in the influences art can have on society and political thoughts and processes. Coming to Djerba is a special opportunity […]

Bernadette Schnabel

STATEMENT Having the opportunity to participate in the SEE DJERBA project seems very excitcing to me. As a student of cultural studies and applied arts (university of Hildesheim) I’m highly interested in […]

Jule Kriesel

STATEMENT I am glad to join the SEE SJERBA Program this year and I am looking forward to connect with enlightening people. Especially the trans-disciplinary convent interests me here. I think light […]

Henry Cyrenius

STATEMENT When I first started studying Creative Writing in Hildesheim, Germany, I could only take a glance at the Lichtungen festival. Nevertheless, the responses I witnessed from those who had been there […]

Aylin Michel

STATEMENT As a student of Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies in addition to Cultural Policy in an International Context at the University of Hildesheim, I am highly interested in the connection of […]