Sonja Karolin Tautz


As a student of international cultural policy I am very interested in the influences art can have on society and political thoughts and processes. Coming to Djerba is a special opportunity for me as it is my third chance to be a part of discussions about art and community in Africa. The first project I participated in was in 2016 at the East African Performing Arts Market in Uganda followed by a three-month-internship at the District Six Museum in Cape Town. Both of these experiences have opened my mind to the idea of art as a political tool that can formulate statements about the social structures we live in that are sometimes hard to grasp. I am looking forward to get to know Tunisia and to learn how this country finds itself in its unique position between Europe and Africa.


ART MATTERS Documentary and Evaluation


My work is focused on questions about art as part of political activism, art and culture as a medium to sustain democracy and about the different perceptions and perspectives on art and culture from a european and an african point of view.


2017: studies of Design, Photography and Film at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria
Since 2015: focus on International Cultural Policy in the context of Bachelor Plus, Hildesheim
Since 2014: Cultural Studies and Aesthetics with focus on Literature and Media, Hildesheim