par hasard
1-channel video projection, 2-channel audio, computer, individual software

The French title “par hasard” refers to the Arabic term “yasara” for dicing, and is an example of the choice of therm the audio-visual composition is based on which are 15 Arabic and French terms, written and spoken. Both, audio and visual particles are animated to form a real-time environment. They are organized in groups that are linked in responding processes and that generate an endless series of variations in the present tense. The digital interaction is furthered through the application onto the architectural scape.

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Fondouk Ben Ghorbel was found in the 17th century. Like many other, Fondouk Ben Ghorbel is a historical monument that served as a meeting point for commercial exchange and hosting sellers and traders who would gather from different countries, cultures, and religions in order to sell, buy, and exchange commodities from each other. The place kept its initial shape and still hosts workshops and shops.


Eva-Maria Joeressen and Klaus Kessner focus on transmedia interventions. They collect and analyze light and sound, spatial and temporal qualities of a chosen space. Reflecting on the dynamics of appearance and semantics, they contrast their findings with cultural-historical observations and associations. In their artistic research, they engender frameworks for audiovisual compositions and process them as a kind of dynamic archives. Their works are based on audio and visual instructions for a computer. Projected into an architectural environment, they engender a performative interplay of the artistic archive and the found space.


2016 | Tunis (tn) | INTERFERENCE
2015 | Hildesheim (de) | LICHTUNGEN
2014 | Koblenz (de) | Mittelrhein Museum
2010 | Essen (de) | RUHR.2010 – Opening of European Culture Capital at Zeche Zollverein
2008 | Eindhoven (nl) | GLOW
2001 | Cologne (de) | Museum for Applied Art (MAKK)

Eva-Maria Joeressen | DEVELOPMENT

Since 1998 | Duesseldorf (de) | Peter Behrens School of Arts | Professor of Theory of Perception and Composition
Since 1985 | Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany
1985 | Muenster (de) | Art Academy | Studies

Klaus Kessner | DEVELOPMENT

Since 1992 | Regular performing activities with electronic audio-visual compositions
Studies in Music, Musicology and German language

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