July 21 to 28, 2017 | Parallel programs
International artists and curators working with local participants

WORKSHOP ART MATTERS Collective: Lost and Found
Checking on the potential of the selfie to understand personal narratives.

WORKSHOP Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz: Dialogue of cultural heritage and contemporary art
Discussing the potential of contemporary art in the context of the Djerbian heritage

WORKSHOP Astrid Hesse: Visual Language
Looking into the interaction of graphics and identity.
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WORKSHOP Bettina Pelz: What is contemporary art and why does it matter?
Discussing local approaches to contemporary art

WORKSHOP Ursula Scherrer: How are you?
Working on the interaction of body and mind to reflect on identity.
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WORKSHOP RaumZeitPiraten: See!
Working with hand-held devices for investigation and projection to understand the environment

WORKSHOP Kurt Laurenz Theinert: RGB
Exploring the interplay of color and colored light.
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WORKSHOP Martina Tritthart: Camera Obscura.
Building a camera obscura to observe public space.
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Understanding the tools of projection mapping.