Mariandreina Baasch

Last year Bettina and Aymen told me about the great art festival they made in Tunes, which reminded me about the initiatives I had made in my homeland, Venezuela. I got excited just by hearing them talking, it felt really familiar. Now, I was told that this second experience exists due the motivation of the people and that the idea is to offer an alternative cultural place for and with Tunisians in Djerba. No further words needed to be said for me to accept this incredible -personal- challenge, were I would not get to be in the organizing team, but instead I will be in the artistic group. To Djerba I am bringing my energy, my -short- experience as an architect and my spirit as an activist, in order to interact with this new context. In this exchange experience I am hopping to leave one ephemeral part of me in Djerba and in my new colleagues; I will take home the conceptual challenges and learnings of this cultural space.

After graduating from the architecture school in 2011, Mariandreina Baasch has been working on different projects that open a space for dialogue in the society. The idea is using art in public spaces to express -freely- the socio-political problems of Venezuela.

Since 2016 | Bremen (de)| University of Arts | Studies of Integrated Design
2005-2011 | Caracas (ve) | Simón Bolívar University | Architecture, BA

Mariandreina Baasch