Henry Cyrenius

When I first started studying Creative Writing in Hildesheim, Germany, I could only take a glance at the Lichtungen festival. Nevertheless, the responses I witnessed from those who had been there were impressive. To be given the oppotunity to work in close quarters with the people responsible for the Lichtungen festival and the ART MATTERS Collective is something I wouldn’t want to be missing out on, and which I am very grateful for. As a writer, I look for stories to tell. As a photographer, I let my sourroundings tell me theirs. As a person engaged in social work, I contemplate the relations between giving and receiving, being and acting. Then, there is Djerba. What and whom will I find here? Together with Bernadette, we take a look at that which can’t be seen, but has to be shown. How do we see ourselves and how do we see others? What is there to learn from confronting ourselves with our persona and with how another person perceives us?
I am very much looking forward to getting in touch with so many different, creative people and their works.

Together with Bernadette I’m planning to conduct an interactive project in Djerba about the personal dimensions of light and darkness and how we use these terms as metaphors in order to describe what we see and feel.

After having spent a semester in Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and being strongly influenced by it, I explore the meaning, dimensions and effects of impermanence. This includes the ways we construct the world sourrounding us, that which we take for granted, through performing according to cultural, social and linguistic codes. To question the fragility of these alleged constants, and how this contributes to personal development and social changes is the main focus of my work.

2016 | Co-founder of Rigardu, a non-profit registered association, working with refugees on the European continent
Since October 2015 | Studies of Creative Writing at Hildesheim Univesity
2008 – 2012 | Studies of Philosophy at FU Berlin and Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
2004 – 2008 | Studies of Medicine at Ruhr Universität Bochum and Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

Literaturinstitut Hildesheim