Bernadette Schnabel


Having the opportunity to participate in the SEE DJERBA project seems very excitcing to me. As a student of cultural studies and applied arts (university of Hildesheim) I’m highly interested in intersectional artistic, cultural and political discourses. I’m looking forward to meet, discuss, see..!


Together with Henry I’m planning to conduct an interactive project in Djerba about the personal dimensions of light and darkness and how we use these terms as metaphors in order to describe what we see and feel.


Beside university I’m mainly involved in theater and dance (-pedagogical) projects. I’m passionate about taking part and observing the complex processes of opening oneself up and get to know each other through movement. I’m very curious to experience in which way lightart can initiate those kind of processes – how it will impact our minds, the (public) spaces and our interaction.


Since 2013 degree course “Cultural studies and applied arts” at the University of Hildesheim

2015/16 (within the Erasmus program) “Discipline dell’Arte, della Musica e dello Spettacolo” at the University of Bologna