Jule Kriesel


I am glad to join the SEE SJERBA Program this year and I am looking forward to connect with enlightening people. Especially the trans-disciplinary convent interests me here. I think light as an additional and fleeting element, the base of visual perception is a great instrument to change (public/ private) space and our interaction with it, without transforming environment in its physical material.
Whats the matter of art in Djerba though, and how can we connect as creative thinking and creating group in a permeabel and long-lasting way?
What light and darkness elements will be experience?

(1) Workshop with Judith Greitemann

I am focused on media & camera (light) and the possibility of the self representation through and by it. I would like to discover different models of self introspection or representation through light, always swinging in between the public and intimate space and our understanding of those terms. Do we have similar bounderies in self representation? What changes do we experience through different persons of surveillance behind the camera? What do you feel, when you are the one who sets the perspective and how can a public projection interact with reality? How does your light projection perform, how is the projection performed by the space and place of the screen?

I am in the bachelor degree of ā€˛cultural science and aesthetic praxis” with the subjects theatre and media at the university of Hildesheim since 2013

Since 2015 I joined the study program “cultural policy in international comparison” in Hildesheim and spent one year in Istanbul for studying and internship.