Aymen Gharbi

Djerba is my home Island where i grew up. For 18 year I wanted to contribute to the cultural scene and now I got the opportunity to design an initiative with my partner Bettina Pelz. SEE DJERBA for us is an open space-time when we want to gather different cultural actors and discuss with them about art and it’s important to the context of the island. We wanted also to demonstrate how Art Matters, therefore we invited international artist to contribute to this frame work and think about a site-specific art-work.

[1] ART MATTERS SERIES – Concept and Development with Aymen Gharbi
[2] Sharing Heritage // ART AND CULTURAL HERITAGE
[3] Art and Democratic Culture // workshop with Bettina Pelz and Mariandreina Baasch

The work of Aymen Gharbi is dedicated to the interplay between architecture Urban research and cultural Heritage.

Since 2016 l Freelance Curator
Until 2015 l Architect in the National institution of Heritage
Until 2013 l Architectural Studies

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