Johanna Kraft


In 2015 I met part of the ┬áINTERFERENCE Team in Hildesheim, Germany. ┬áIn February 2017 this encounter continued and I’m very passionate about the reunion in Djerba. I’m looking forward to a place where people from different artistic sectors will come together as well as discuss and experience “Why ART MATTERS” and how art can and does influence the open space. SEE DJERBA creates a meeting point where exchange can happen. I’m very grateful to be part of the team.


ART MATTERS Hildesheim | Coordinator
ART MATTERS Documentary and Evaluation


The focus of Johanna is how to make art accessible and to mediate. She is interested in how to create spaces for people from different backgrounds to actually meet and experience a moment.


Since 2016 | EVI LICHTUNGEN Team, Art Mediator
Since 2016 | Part of Internationale Kunstprojekte Hildesheim e.V.
2016 | FITUC Workshop Facilitator
Since 2015 | Master of Cultural Mediation, University of Hildesheim
2015 | LICHTUNGEN Team
Since 2013 | Member of the Theatre Collective for children and young people BwieZack